"Once a Mentor, Always a Mentor"


The concept of mentorship is well-known and information regarding that is readily available by pressing a button. It is widely implemented in the management and education environments. In South Africa (SA), mentoring the designated groups is noted on the transformation agendas. Chesterman (2000) mentions that mentoring has a long tradition in higher education (HE), although it does not necessarily feature in policies and procedures of South African HE institutions.

Thus, as the Facilitator of TAMP, many people have always requested that I facilitate yet another programme (outside) Tshwane University of Technology that would act as a link between a mentor and a mentee (e-mail-based organization).

This homepage's goal is to call for mentors, mentees, and donors or sponsors (see below). If you would like to be a mentor, mentee, or donor, please e-mail me your profile etc. at I will then link you with a mentee or mentor.

Mentors and mentees "can meet virtually to share ideas and help one another succeed in industries that require us to think, live, and learn collaborratively" (Miller, 2007).

As someone once said, "once a mentor, always a mentor"!

Keep well...


Wonga Ntshinga


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Available Mentors

Mr. Masixole (Xolly) Sidiya, Email:, Cell: 083 883 5034, Mentoring: Informations Systems & Cost and Management Accounting.

Mr. Buzwe Bixa, Email: , Cell: 083 301 7300 Mentoring: Project Management and Grade 12 Mathematics.

Mr. Ngoato Thamae, Email:, Cell: 078 736 0372 Mentoring: Chemistry, Biology, and Operations Management.

Mr. Siyabulela Mooi, Email: siyabulela.mooi@gmail.comCell: 072 728 9757 Mentoring: Software Engineering: Distributed Systems and e-Commerce

Sponsors and Fundors Needed...

As one of our main focus is on information and knowledge sharing, we have recently launched our own collection of technical articles/IT magazine called TAMPMagz (TAMP Magazine).

TAMPMagz focuses mainly on programming technologies and other IT topics of interest to the IT learners which include current developments in the areas of software engineering and design.

Our aim for TAMPMagz is to present as much and relevant of IT issues as possible and covering more importantly products information for the newly developed software/hardware products currently in the mainstreams of the IT industry.For this we realise that we need information from more successful software/hardware vendors regarding their products/services.

In this regard we would like to propose the following:

-> In view that most of the new joiners of the IT industry are mainly students from universities, we have noticed that these students have already had exposure to other technologies and products from school and as such are more proficient and confident in using them..this is particularly true for products such as programming IDE and Operating systems as well as hardware components such as computers

  So what we request is that you take advantage of our TAMPMagz by informing us to of your new products that are available and allowing us to present articles about those products and/or services, we can also have this information available to our students and the general public on our website.

  This has great deal of benefits for your organization more especially in marketing your products:

The TAMPMgaz serves as an adverting tool for your products in the area of high concentration of technology users (the tertiary institutions and learners). It also helps to spread your product market and introduces these products in the high education arena.

In case of you being interested in this proposal, all we ask for is for you to sponsor our programme by offering us anything of value to the IT learners, these may include among other things; USB-drives, software+licenses, invitations to product launches,PCs and accessories, and any other contribution that you may wish to offer will also be highly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this proposal further. We are looking forwarding to serving your products' marketing needs by making information regarding the same available on our website
and also to feature it in our TAMPMagz magazine articles.

Thanking you in advance,

Yours faithfully.

Mr. Ishmael Makitla   
TAMP Mentor: C++  

TAMP Website:

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